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Well it seems that all my hardwork in photoshop is no match for the Vector art of Liono i've submitted in my gallery. It isn't what i'd call my best vector but it has generated nearly 50 hits on my page since a day ago when i put it up. Know i wish to cater to my vector fans for a bit, by submitting a new deviation of VOLTRON, which i am currently working on, keep checking back, sometime this next week it will be up and it will kick ass! i'm done with blue lion already and it looks great! so keep your eyes peeled.

Okay, so there's this 15 year old that posted a contest and it doesnt make any sense, it says he's looking for a photographer, digital photographer, photomanipulator or some crap...anyway the contest has no rules, no direction, no reason, and worst of all no prize...he's basically asking for people to submit anything at all in a desperate attempt to sound cool or something. People like this Upset me, dont post a contest if you are just making stuff up and don't really understand what it takes to get interested in artistic interpretation.

and has now stood off his high horse of superiority
Today I find myself hidden in the cave of the subconscious, Waking after a long sleep, ready to create. As a child painting for the first time, the control, the freedom, the...excitement!
No longer will I let the dream stay burried, for I awake to a new day, a new future, a new feeling of purpose, and commitment. I will not fail, I will not waiver, I will destroy the bonds of of the pixel and rise above the mire I have so long called home.

This is the tale of the Pixel...this is the day of Asencion.