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Yes it's time for another bitch session by your's truly. I was only going to do this once a month or something but there's just too much to bitch about.
Okay so i love my little brother in law who is 11 years old. He likes Yu-Gi-oh! of course, and so i take him to the movie since no one else in the family is dumb enough to. I know it's a kid thing and it's a cartoon but come on people, this is what feeds your imagination when your young. However i wasn't expecting a fucking card game for a movie. I thought, hey i like the occassional popular anime movie, let's do this thang!
I haven't played or even seen Yu-Gi-oh! cartoon before this. It was all about this dumb ass card game where the two teenagers with man voices duke it out so they can win the others cards, pretty lame if you ask me. Just another japanese control toon for the youth of the world. Pokemon, teletubbies and now this fucking horseshit! What got me was how all the characters are "friends" and about 3 times in the movie they remind each other they are friends by some gay magic ribbon wrapped on their hands, then tell the Yu-gi they will never leave him and they will always be there to back him up. Immediately following these conversations they just take off and leave  him there like hey forget all that friends stick together shit, "we have to save our own ass and  hope you do well from far  away." God it was GAY! with a capital HOMO!
Fucking cards, how lame is it that this card game is actually real, i mean it's from the same people who came up with that pokemon horseshit. It's a waste of time money and valuable drawing time ;)
what get's me is that the card game isn't a spin off of the cartoon, IT IS THE CARTOON. I mean at least with pokemon people realize they don't actually have a damn monster in a ball so they had to come up with something to simulate that. But now everytime i go to the comic book store i see all these twirps with an axe head thingamajig on thier damn arm with cards playing this stupid game that has no point...oh wait there is a point right? become the bestest dumbass timewaster champion of card-dom by using thier blue eyes white dragon god manipulation ass lazer card to defeat the egyptian pharoh of cock in a knock down drag out fight of good vs evil. I mean they use the damn cartoon as a big fucking commercial for the cards, how much of a sheep do you have to be to not realize that they are just after your money and they will stoop to no level in order to get it. POPPYCOCK I SAY!

sorry if this offends, but guess what if it does, your a cock sheep who is a slave to the system and need to pull your life out of the nosedive it is in! HAHAHA! eat that suckas!

Well it's time for my annual bitch session, where i analyze everything i've done in the past few months and discuss my opinion on everything from movies to politics.
First up, since I have to get this off my chest before i explode, is QUENTIN TARANTINO! Who the hell told this guy he could make a movie was full of shit. I HATED Pulp Fiction and swore i'd never watch another of his movies again. He's crude rude and crass, I think he's just one of those people who can't deal with being butt ugly, so they do whatever they can to get peoples attention like using the word Fuck in every sentence to show "emphasis" on how pissed off they are or how happy they are or how dumb they are...i mean come on people, seriously do you think that the overuse of  "fuck" in the first few minutes of Pulp Fiction really accentuated the "mood" of the couple in the diner rather than dicussing what was pissing them off they just used the word "fuck" until it was just one long paragraph in the script. Then there's the grotest violence which i'm a fan of violence but just not his type, and then drug overdosing i mean come one people.
Then everyon and their mom is like OH PULP FICTION IS THE BEST CINEMATIC ORGASM OF OUR DAY! BULLSHIT!! So i figured hey i'll give him another chance cause Kill Bill has martial arts in it...i mean how could he screw that up right? WRONG! Volume one was pretty good, aside from the obviously overdone blood spews and rediculious acting on those getting hacked to pieces. Then came Volume 2 which i rented the other night, what happens? NOTHING you get some sappy half ass acted plot with David Caradine who will only be remembered as the bald guy in KUNG FU, he's a hack, and Uma Thurman doesnt exactly excite my "loins" so she can crawl back under that boulder they found her under that flattened her face. SHE'S NOT HOT PEOPLE! If you think she's hot, it's cause someone else said she was and you can't think for yourself. But that's how a lot of people are today...we are sheep, following whatever crazy trend some dumbass came up with cause everyone's wearing it to be "different" when in actuallity your just become just like somone else. The search for uniqueness is actually becoming the loss of individuality for most people.
Okay moving on.....SKATER PUNKS PISS ME OFF, they think they are different like i mentioned before, but they are just sheep. Drones of teenie boppers and trucker hat wearing bitches, are flocking to this rediculious fashion trend. Everyone looks like fucking Avril Lavigne now and it's just stupid, your hair's a mess you wear all black with a trucker hat and all these damned piercings  and wrist bands with skulls or transformer symbols, trying to leach off the memories of my yestyear childhood. NO ONE IS ORIGINAL ANYMORE, so quit trying to fool yourself into thinking your special cause you have a new lipring or have a botched hair style. Just be yourself, not what someone else set up for you to fall into. Goths, Vamps, Punks, Preps, Artists, Poets, Frat guys, and Valley girls, all think they have to connect with the world on some special level so they can "live life to it's fullest" but what they are really doing is what someone else did, decided they liked it and went with it, but hey they added thier own purse, or headband, or hat or special ring, so that makes them different right? WRONG! and that's all there is to that. Fuckin teenie boppers out at my theater not watching the movie just giggling about thier new boyfriend with his penis ring or whatever shit it is they feel they need to disturb my movie going experience. BITCHES I SAY!

Now on to politics, fuck em i say, get Schwarzzenegger in the white house and let him blow everything up. I mean that's what  we all want right? to have a fucking planet made of charcoal? Seems no one's content with what thy are or what they have, always trying to get more money or power, or friends or something.
Just let the chips fall were they may. I have kind of a "Fight Club" mentality when it comes to life i guess.
I say we get rid of money, continue with our jobs, and whenever someone needs food, just go to the store and pick it up, free of charge, legalize all drugs, and lower the drinking age to 16, In Great Britain i think the drinking age is like if you can reach the bar or something. They have like the lowest drunk driving related accidents. Now does that make sense? They drink younger so kids aren't inventing new ways to go get drunk without mom and dad finding out, coming home late in the Honda, and smashing into a wall or another car cause they don't think thier too drunk. That's what "holding your liquor" is all about. Knowing your limits, and not being stupid when you've gone past the point of no return.

Well i think that's enough for now. Sorry if i offended anyone, but this is me, and i'm not shuttin up. It's good to talk about the things that bother you.

Well it has come to my attention that there a number of people here on DA that would like to purchase some of my art. As such i would like to announce that my services are open to pencil and inkers.

I will not be drawing anything, only coloring, so if you have a  piece you would like colored by me, i will do it no matter how complex or simple, to your likeing, for the tidy sum of $25-$35 United States Currency. Depending on the size will determine the price. You will only be able to recieve a large digital format via email. Shipping things like this not to mention the production cost would make the project more like $100-$150 depending on where i would have to ship it.
I feel it's important to make great art or art enhancements affordable and i think that many of you would agree. So spread the word....The Pixel of Doom is coming to town!

Send me a note for details.
Okay so i found the deviant mentioned in my last entry. His name is CDB2, he has some decent stuff in his gallery so you should check it out ;)

I commissioned me and my friend David Odams for another Star Wars piece done in Clone Wars style. Forgive me for not putting it up but i want to make sure we get paid ;) not that we don't trust him, it's just we don't trust anyone!  RULES OF THE PIXEL...
So okay, one of you fans asked for a Star Wars piece that was a remake of one of your own deviations. I'm soo sorry but i can't remember your user ID. The piece is finished and i need to email it to you for payment and all that shizzle. I'm a complete moron, I don't see any notes in my inbox to reply to either, GOD, this sucks. Hopefully you run by here and read this. Once again so sorry. It was a piece with Magneto and Obi-wan done in clone wars style. WRITE ME A NOTE IF YOU ARE THAT DEVIANT!
Well looks like i finally broke a thousand, which is about a week later than i wanted but i'm not going to complain, i'm just glad people are visiting and leaving comments. I enjoy all the critique, and grovelling and sometimes insults. They help me better understand my art and see things from a different perspective. ENJOY THE ART YOU DEVIANT WHORES! ;)
Well I've been poppin out some of my better stuff as of late. I have found a new joy in comic book coloring and as you can tell from my battle chasers image and the newer Star Wars Clone Wars colaboration i did with my good friend David Odams, i'm becoming increasingly better at it. by this time next year i plan to have my career as a Graphic designer established, some Websites up, and my new passion for comic book coloring affirmed by a paycheck or two. I plan on visiting the con in San Diego next year with a portfolio the likes of which has never been seen. I still have a long way to go but i know with some hard work and a little luck i'll be on my way.

Enjoy my new stuff, i am quite proud of it, but by all means cut it to shreds if you find anythiing you don't like. I'm open to criticizm.
So one of my life long dreams came true on Saturday afternoon. I MET MICHAEL TURNER! Yes, that's right, the famous penciler of Fathom, Witchblade, and recently the Supes/Bats title. He's soo awesome God i can't believe it. So...needless to say the mental block is gone, and i have been inspired by him, as if the spark of genius he possesses has been somehow transmitted to my through my hands by touching his autograph....okay well maybe not but you know what i'm saying. I'll be posting some serious deviations inspired by the man i call ....hero.
I have been having a mental block lately, it's like there's nothing new to learn or try. I think i need to get back to my roots with Drawing traditionally, if that happens, i might not be posting anything for a couple of weeks at least, 1 out of every 20 drawings i do would be considered good enough to stick in my gallery.
I have really been inspired by particle9 and baretta92 and thier work with micheal turner's characters such as Fathom and Witchblade. Amazing artists, i wish to hone my own Artistic ability to finally create a solid comic book i've been working on for about 2 years. I'm hoping to have the first inkings done by the end of this year. Wish me luck.
Well I got it up today sooner than expected. Let me know what you guys think, i mean rip it apart if you see anything wrong...besides a lack of background of course. I plan on adding one later. I'm going to be gone for a few days after thursday so don't get upset if i dont respond to your comments right away, I WILL REPLY when i get back. But until thursday, Keep 'em commin'.
Well it seems that all my hardwork in photoshop is no match for the Vector art of Liono i've submitted in my gallery. It isn't what i'd call my best vector but it has generated nearly 50 hits on my page since a day ago when i put it up. Know i wish to cater to my vector fans for a bit, by submitting a new deviation of VOLTRON, which i am currently working on, keep checking back, sometime this next week it will be up and it will kick ass! i'm done with blue lion already and it looks great! so keep your eyes peeled.

Okay, so there's this 15 year old that posted a contest and it doesnt make any sense, it says he's looking for a photographer, digital photographer, photomanipulator or some crap...anyway the contest has no rules, no direction, no reason, and worst of all no prize...he's basically asking for people to submit anything at all in a desperate attempt to sound cool or something. People like this Upset me, dont post a contest if you are just making stuff up and don't really understand what it takes to get interested in artistic interpretation.

and has now stood off his high horse of superiority
Today I find myself hidden in the cave of the subconscious, Waking after a long sleep, ready to create. As a child painting for the first time, the control, the freedom, the...excitement!
No longer will I let the dream stay burried, for I awake to a new day, a new future, a new feeling of purpose, and commitment. I will not fail, I will not waiver, I will destroy the bonds of of the pixel and rise above the mire I have so long called home.

This is the tale of the Pixel...this is the day of Asencion.